An animated GIF was sent to me recently by a friend, suggesting that the image offered a clear insight into the female mind (a mystery to most of us, even females too!).

Because my e-mailer doesn't do animated GIFs, I ran it in Internet Explorer with delightful results - it's Heath Robinson 100 years on! But I can't see any Jung or Freud in there.... (though it does keep saying "NO")

So then I thought I would put one alongside another, and one above another too....
By editing the html code for the next page, try seeing how many wide x how many high can you get up to before your computer conks out.
Answers via e-mail to "The Widgetkeeper" at .............
your friendly supplier of perpetual blue widgets, as well as very long lasting scissors, safety knives and the engineering components you probably haven't even designed yet.

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