Carbinite™ graded tungsten carbide coatings

Based in the northern USA, Carbinite has been refining the electronics needed for controlling the deposition process for several decades, and now can deposit the thickest tungsten carbide coatings of anyone worldwide, and also can control the deposition process very closely to prevent damage and heating to the substrate material.

One of their bespoke alloyed coatings is even going to Mars soon! The wheels of the rover vehicle will be coated with a rough-but-tough Carbinite™ coating to assist grip on whatever surface the rover comes across

Carbinite™ GradeW#1#2#3#4
TextureSmooth180 emery100 emery60 emery36 emery
Build-up tolerance±0.01mm±0.02mm±0.04mm±0.05mm±0.1mm

If you need the roughest possible coatings, or need the special techniques that only Carbinite can supply, such as impregnation into certain aluminium grades as well as into steel, then contact us for details of how we can get your parts coated for you with their specialised technique.

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