Easy Cutter/E.C. Cutter Electric Scissors

Made in Taiwan, this scissor is a best seller in the USA in the apparel industry and is now the most popular electric scissor in Europe! Very light in weight, and with a good ergonomic design, these cordless electric scissors are extremely comfortable to handle. The tabletop guide on the interchangeable second blade adds stability for intricate pattern cutting.

The nicely packaged Scissor-set includes 2 blades - one for straight quick cutting of paper and other sheet materials, another which is a "shoe" blade to cut patterns and fabric. Includes 'never-sharpen' tungsten carbide inserts in the steel blades, rechargeable battery, detachable power cord. Overall length 185mm.

If you want to use the scissor in cordless mode, you fit the rechargeable Ni-MH battery, which snaps into the rear of the device. Alternatively you can use it with a low-voltage power supply cord which leads to a plug-in transformer. Side view of blade showing TC insertIn this case you remove the battery and snap in a cord-socket adapter (shown in position on the scissor in the photo but without the power-cord being plugged in). The charger for the NiMH battery is also fed by this lead, so you cannot be charging the battery and using the scissor with the cord at the same time.

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Here are two closeup views of the tungsten carbide inserts in each of the blades. We are most impressed by this attention to detail and durability in the manufacture!

The scissor reciprocates quite fast, and will romp through several layers of thin fabric or around 2mm of tougher materials like glass-, carbon- or aramid fibre. I've just been using a unit to cut sheets of Carbon Fibre pre-impregnated with epoxy resin - they work brilliantly! As usual, I wouldn't advise the use of the same set of blades to cut heavy glassfibre and fine silk - we can supply a different blade set if you need the scissor to do both jobs!

There's a video of the scissors in use on heavy sailcloth at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTdb5tB8m5Y Click here to watch it.

The price for this scissor in qty 1-3 is £95.00 ex-works. P&P via Royal Mail Special Delivery by 13:00 adds £9.50, and the whole is subject to VAT.

For UK users, we offer this scissor with a 3-pin UK plug transformer and for use on 240V mains. The scissor and ancilliary parts are guaranteed for three months against manufacturing faults or loss of functionality.

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