180-23 colourways

"Featherlight" scissors - a cut above the rest!

The Flig range includes four models - noteable features of which are:

The general purpose scissor type 180-23 (23cm long) is the biggest seller, and is far lighter than any other 9" scissor on the market. However, it is equally as sharp and durable as far more expensive models and is not to be confused with cheap imports from Asia. One of our customers is a world-renowned producer of paper and fibre filters, whose operators chose this scissor as their favourite after extensively testing competing brands. They have to use the scissor all day! They should know which one is best for them!

It's also liked in Germany for the amount of printable space on the blade-backs. For just a few pence per pair you can have your Company name, advertising slogan or other artwork printed on in a contrasting colourway..... and as you can see, there are a lot of colourways to choose from! If you are using the scissors in your own production rather than giving them away, less scissors will walk out of the factory if you have your company's name on them!

razor sharp bladesPackaging can be in a presentation box (a sailmaker I know has had a pair for years, and swears by them - he still keeps them in the box, too), in a plastic sheath or in bulk.

More about the other Flig models coming soon.

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