Properties of Macor® and Shapal™ M-soft glass ceramics

Data has been taken from manufacturer's literature wherever available

PropertyUnitsMacorShapal M-softGeneric AlN-BN
Volume Resistivity @>10e1610e1210e12
Dissipation factor (tan delta) @ 25C-0.0047 (1KHz)0.001 (1MHz)no data
Dielectric constant @ 25C-6.03 (1KHz)7.1 (1MHz)7.1 (1MHz)
Dielectric strength @ 25CkV/mm404040
Thermal Expansion Coefficient, 25C-300Cppm/C7.44.44.5
Thermal Conductivity @ 25CW/m.C1.469092.6
Max use temperature, loadedC800 (strength 35 MPa)1000 (in air), >1500 (non-oxidizing)1000 (in air), >1500 (non-oxidizing)
Max use temperature, no loadC10001000 (in air), 1900 (non-oxidizing)1020 (in air), 1900 (non-oxidizing)
Thermal Diffusivity @ 25Cm/sec7.3 x 10e-7no datano data
Bending strength @ 25CMPa94300300
Compressive strength @ 25CMPa3451200~1100
Young's Modulus @ 25CGPa67190no data
Poisson's ratio @ 25C-0.290.31no data
Hardness @ 25CHv (0.3kg)230390no data
Fracture toughness K1CMPa/sq m1.53No data, but probably higherno data
Resistance to acid (10% HCl, 24hrs, 25C)wt loss, mg/cm21.50.2no data
Resistance to alkali (10% NaOH, 24hrs, 25C)wt loss, mg/cm0.360no data

What sizes can be produced? How expensive is Macor compared with Shapal?

MacorShapal M-softGeneric AlN-BN
Made in slabs 310mm x 310mm x 55mmMade in slabs 300mm x 300mm x 40mmMade in slabs, size TBA
Bandsaw and machine thereafterBandsaw and machine thereafterBandsaw and machine thereafter
Material cost index = 100Material cost index = 400Material cost index = 250

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