Martor Safety Knives

"Optisafe & Maxisafe" - for cutting a variety of sheet or board materials, with latched and spring loaded blade retraction

These are newer Martor knives which are designed to be even safer than the "Profi". You push the blade forward with your thumb against the internal spring, start the cut, and then keep your thumb in the forward position during the cut. The friction of the blade in the cut holds the blade exposed until the cut is finished, and also unlatches it from the advance mechanism, so that it instantaneously snaps back into the handle once the blade comes out of the cut. One knife suits both Right handed and Left handed people, so there's only one code to stock. Order code is 100145.00 for the Optisafe model with a square cornered blade and price is £6.05 each. (Min qty 10)

Optisafe comes complete with a 0.3mm thick razor-sharp blade # 45, which is a square cornered blade suitable for most applications. (Extra blades available at £24.00/100, code 45.60). To change the blade you open the hinged body, push the blade holder forward until it detaches from its spring and then change or rotate the blade. Being square, you get 4 new cutting edges from each inexpensive blade.

Here's a shot of Optisafe in action. The two shots are during and after a cut. Note where your thumb should be for correct safe cutting.

If you want pointed blades in the usual 0.63mm "Stanley knife" thickness, or hooked blades for textiles or sheet materials, you need to buy Maxisafe. Ths has exactly the same safety mechanism and use technique as Optisafe, but slightly different bits inside. The Code for Maxisafe is 101199.02 and the price is £6.53 each. Trapezoid blades are code 99.70 (£38.30/100) and hooked blades are code 98.70 (£67.40/100)

Stainless or titanium nitride coated blades are also available if you should need them.

All prices mentioned are ex-works, exc VAT and are correct at December 2007.

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