ProCut Electric Scissors PC-700H Cutter 240V

Made in Japan

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Ideal for cutting fabrics or any sheet materials. ProCut electric scissors are a precision made direct drive device with a powerful motor and ball bearing cam.
As mentioned on the previous page, we have been informed that the manufacturer has ceased production, so we may not be able to get any more of this excellent product.

The two speed selections are controlled by a 22-28V volt transformer supplying an AC current to the scissor. This allows the operator to work on a wide range of materials, with fine control for trimming or fast speed for long cuts. The on/off switch on the scissor works well under light thumb pressure, and slides forward to latch into 'continuous' mode.

Latching on/off switch of ProCut PC700H Weighing only 400g and being 200mm long, the ProCut fits comfortably in the hand. It is shipped with a spare set of steel blades.
The in-line transformer prevents electrical shock in case the low voltage power cord is cut or damaged.
Transformer for ProCut PC700H

Features and Specifications:

Warranty: 90 days labour, 1 year parts on defects in materials and workmanship

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