Martor Safety Knives

"Profi" - for cutting a variety of sheet or board materials, with spring loaded blade retraction

This is our top-selling Martor knife and has won awards for its safe design. You push the blade forward with your thumb against the internal spring, start the cut, take your thumb off the push button and then friction holds the blade exposed until the cut is finished, when the spring snaps it instantaneously back into the handle. Right handed and Left handed versions are available, at the same price. Order code is 07152.00 for RH and 07252.00 for LH and price is £7.41 each. (Min qty 5 of either type)

Profi comes complete with a rugged 0.63mm thick razor-sharp blade # 5232, which is ground with extra broad facets to reduce the cutting load. (Extra blades available at £29.50/100, code 5232.70). To change the blade you push the spring loaded blade assembly out of the cast metal body and drop in a new blade from the dispenser. Each blade can be indexed twice before you need fit a new one.

Click to enlarge Here's a shot of Profi (right handed version) in action. The two shots are during and after a cut. Note where your thumb should be for correct safe cutting.
You can also fit hooked blades (code 56.70, cost £56.80/100), or in another version of the same knife (type 07105.02) you can have the blade projection limited to 5mm.

For extra durability, try the Titanium Nitride coated blades (code 852.42) available at £8.30 for a pack of 5 pcs.

All prices mentioned are ex-works, exc VAT and are correct at Dec 2007.

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