"Rocklinizers" for impregnation of steel tools with tungsten carbide

Details of units available

Model 369 & 380The smaller case of models 369 and 380, which both weigh in at 11.8 Kg, contains units which are both capable of impregnating a tungsten carbide layer of 0.03mm approx (0.001") thickness onto a steel surface. The vibration of the tool, which is needed to create the spark gap, is controlled manually on these machines by a trigger on the gun. Model 369 has 9 power settings while model 380 covers the same power range but with infinitely variable settings rather than fixed ones. Layer thicknesses can be controlled within a few microns with either unit.

Three diameters of tungsten carbide electrodes are supplied with each unit, one of which is a mini-electrode in a collet adaptor. Also supplied is one Titanium Carbide electrode which is normally used over previously impregnated tungsten carbide layers or on solid tungsten carbide tools.

Model 500

Model 500, which weighs 14.5 Kg and is housed in a larger case, has a higher maximum power output and can impregnate TC layers up to 0.05mm thick (0.002") onto steel surfaces. The thickness range up to 0.025mm approx is controlled by the left hand knob, while thicknesses between 0.025mm and 0.05 are controlled by the right hand knob, having selected the appropriate power range by push-button. The vibration of the electrode may either be controlled by the operator's trigger finger, or can be set to automatic - the vibration starting the moment the electrode is touched to the surface.

Model 600The most versatile Rocklinizer is Model 600, which weighs 22.3 Kg and is bigger again than the model 500. For impregnation up to 0.05mm thick (0.002") with tungsten carbide the operation and controls are similar to those of the model 500, but the 600 has a 'Super Power' setting which doubles the output and allows impregnation up to 0.1mm (0.004") to be achieved using the Rockhard alloy metal electrode supplied with this unit in addition to the standard electrode pack mentioned above.

Rocklinizing in actionAll models are available in 110V or 220V versions - the 220V being a little dearer.

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