Martor Safety Knives

"Snitty" - for paper and sheet materials

Here's an inexpensive paper cutter for drawing office, packing room, or sheet material cut-off station. It's really safe too, since the integrated springy plastic top skid guides the material onto the blade edge and stops fingers getting where they shouldn't. Order code is 43037.08 and price is £4.10 each, packed in units of 10.

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Comes complete with 0.2mm thick blade # 37 (extra blades are £24.00/100, code 37020.20 but please check availability). To change the blade you slide up the locking button and the blade drops out of the top of the knife. Each blade can be indexed 4 times before you need fit a new one. If you have eagle eyes you may be able to notice that the blade in the picture has a rounded short edge. This was blade #36, which is no longer being fitted to this knife. Blade 37 is identical except that it has square corners.

Here's a shot of Snitty in action

All prices mentioned are ex-works, exc VAT and are correct at January 2015.
If your order is under £50.00 then an additional 'small order' charge may apply.

For extra durability, try the 0.15mm thick Titanium Nitride coated blades (code 83715.35) available at £60.00/100 (Guide price only, pse request)

In fact, the latest position is that Aegis Advanced Materials Ltd will no longer be the re-seller for this product, which will henceforth be handled via M.J. Kingsley (Industrial Consultancy), operating from the same address as AAMaterials Ltd.

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