Originators of portable tool post grinders that perform difficult grinding jobs on any size lathe.

For outstanding exclusive design, performance, dependability and adaptability, THEMAC grinders stand alone. Here’s why:

Permanent Lubrication
All THEMAC grinders are equipped with grease sealed-for-life ball bearings - no lubrication required.

Mount on any Machine Tool
Although used principally on lathes, exclusive features make THEMAC grinders a natural for mounting on shapers, planers, millers, boring mills, surface grinders or special units. Units can be operated in vertical or horizontal position.

Eccentric Spindle Tube (an exclusive THEMAC feature)
The eccentric spindle tube provides for positive manual belt adjustment, assuring proper belt tension at all times. The motor and spindle assembly remain parallel under all conditions. The belt tension will not cause misalignment of grinding spindle because the motor and spindle assembly are securely locked in position. There are no springs or hinges to permit side movement when grinder is in operation; thus the possibility of setting up vibration is reduced to a minimum.
Pulley alignment can be set so that belts will always remain on pulleys, and transmit full power.

Secure Tool Post Clamp Bracket
Grinder attaches directly to the top of compound rest. An easy-to-get-at locking device securely locks the clamping nut in T-slot. No overhanging weight to cause vibration.

Circumferential Swing (an exclusive THEMAC feature)
The circumferentially adjustable grinding spindle can be locked and operated in any position within the range of adjustment. The locking arrangement is simple and positive.

Quickly Adjustable to any Lathe Center
It is possible to mount THEMAC grinders on the smallest bench lathes with the grinding spindle center to lathe center. Through the adjustment of the compound rest or by swinging the grinder, any angle can be obtained. Grinding Wheel can be used on right or left side… front or rear of motor. The circumferential and horizontal swing features allow the operator to place the grinding wheel in front of motor for external and internal grinding, or the grinding wheel can be swung to the rear of the motor for large diameter external grinding. By swinging the grinder around, the wheel can be operated on either side.

Standard Equipment included with each Grinder

1 - Diamond Dresser
1 - Wheel Guard
1 - Belt Guard
1 - Wrench Set
1 - Set of Pulleys
1 - Belt Set
1 - Carrying Case
1 - Tee-Bolt Clamp
1 - Cable with US-style 3-Prong Grounding Plug

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