Martor Safety Knives

"Vario" - for cutting a variety of sheet or board materials, with adjustable blade protrusion.

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"Vario" is another of Martor's safety knives which we distribute to industrial customers. The blade is a standard trapezoidal one, but is held on a threaded bracket, enabling the cutting edge to protrude just the right amount for the job - or to be hidden altogether for pocketing the knife. Order code is 03552.00 and price is £7.51 each. (Min qty 5)

Vario comes complete with a rugged 0.63mm thick razor-sharp blade # 5232, which is ground with extra broad facets to reduce the cutting load. There are already 4 spare blades stored in the handle and extra blades are available at £29.50/100, code 5232.70. To change the blade you unscrew the set-screw in the side of the knife and swap the blade in its holder. Each blade can be indexed twice before you need fit a new one.

Click to enlarge Here's a shot of Vario's blade being adjusted. The knurled handwheel allows fine adjustment of the blade protrusion.
For extra durability, try the Titanium Nitride coated blades (code 852.42) available at £8.30 per pack of 5 pcs.

All prices mentioned are ex-works, exc VAT and are correct at December 2007.

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